Catherine Friend
Catherine Friend

Let’s abduct some ducks!

I like to play games.

Not the kind where you toy with people’s emotions and mess them up, but board games.

We love Qwirkle, a great game that’s easy to learn and can be played outside on the deck because the pieces are wood and won’t blow away in the wind. 

We also play Othello, a game for two. It’s a game of strategy that can change in an instant because your opponent can suddenly mess up your next move. Our language tends to deteriorate when we play Othello. 

But my latest favorite is one I stumbled across online and bought for Melissa’s birthday. It’s called Abducktion. Yes, there are ducks involved. Players are aliens who abduct cute little ducks and stash them in their spaceship. Sounds goofy but it’s oddly fun and challenging. We played with our friend Jaycee and now she’s obsessed. She bought her own copy, and once she teaches it to her grandkids, that family will likely buy its own. This game might spread faster than a virus! 

Life is stressful. Maybe we’d all do better if we’d unwind once a week by abducting cute little ducks and stashing them in our spaceship.


Photo source: Very Special Games website (maker of Abducktion.)

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