Catherine Friend
Catherine Friend

Books for Adult Readers

nonfiction and memoir

hit by a farm

“… a multi-mood, clever and unpredictable tale of what makes farm life far from mundane and sheltered … Hit By a Farm slyly educates as it entertains, heals as it humors us while wading through issues of confrontation, complications, and compromise … a treasure.” (Madison Capital Times)


“A graceful collection of farm-life vignettes becomes a whole even greater than the sum of its lovely parts as Catherine Friend … builds the story of a partnership rich in love, humor, and perhaps most importantly, sheep.” (Rachael Herron, How to Knit a Love Song)

the compassionate carnivore

“As a sustainable sheep farmer for fifteen years, Friend is smarter than the average bear when it comes to fixing what’s wrong with America’s dysfunctional food system … The Compassionate Carnivore speaks in the most appealing terms of gratitude, moderation, and sustainability … I applaud Friend’s approach of finding balance between the extremes of mindless consumption and hyperawareness.” (Kate Munning)