Catherine Friend
Catherine Friend
My Head is Full of Colors

illustrated by Kiki

originally published by
Hyperion Books, 1996

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My Head is Full of Colors

Maria awakes one morning to find her normally spiky brown hair replaced by all the colors of the rainbow. Her head is full of colors, and on this day she draws and paints like never before. The following morning Maria awakes to find her head full of books. They tell her about faraway places, creepy spiders, and rockets that fly to the moon. And it isn’t long before her head is full of animals and then people. But one day something unexpected happens: Maria awakes to find her head is full of—nothing. Or maybe there is something after all.

Kiki’s colorful watercolors wonderfully capture the joy and anticipation of Maria’s early morning surprise.


awards and recognition

Minnesota Book Award finalist, 1995


“In an allegory about integrating interests and talents with the self, a young girl named Marie wakes up on four successive days to find her normal brown hair replaced first by colors, then books, then live animals, and finally people. Kiki’s paintings are executed in an energetic, childlike manner that is simultaneously bold, joyful, and sophisticated.” (The Horn Book)

“… A welcome and affirming self-esteem lesson…Kiki’s bright, colorful illustrations reflect the happiness and joy of the story.” (American Bookseller)

“Friend’s book indirectly supports children in their drive to realize their individuality. Kiki’s illustrations use a strong black outline, gaudy colors, and too many patterns to count. Every picture is stuffed with images of familiar things.” (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

“… The brilliant, childlike illustrations and lively text provide a fresh, fun lesson for building self-esteem.” (Teaching Tolerance)