Catherine Friend
Catherine Friend
A Pirate's Heart

Bold Strokes Books, 2008

Ben Franklin award
Golden Crown Literary Society award

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narrated by Catherine Friend

A Pirate's Heart

Four women, a long-lost treasure, and more than one “thief of hearts” share a destiny beyond time.

To foil a map thief, librarian Emma Boyd searches for a pirate’s long-lost treasure map. She’s aided in her search by investigator Randi Marx, who proves to be as frustrating as she is beautiful. The treasure map Emma and Randi seek belonged to Thomasina Farris, a pirate who disappeared from the Caribbean in 1715. Did Captain Tommy steal an entire treasure from a Spanish galleon and escape? Was she convicted of piracy and hanged by her neck? Did she die of a broken heart when she lost the woman she loved?

In her race to find the map, Emma learns that pirates not only steal treasure, but they also steal hearts. When Emma discovers Captain Tommy’s fate, she must decide her own as well, choosing between romance … or revenge.

awards and recognition

Ben Franklin Award in Fiction, 2008
Golden Crown Literary Award, 2009
Lambda Literary Award finalist, 2009
Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award, 2009

reviews and readers' comments

“Friend masterfully blends past and present to take us on a journey into a historical period filled with thrills, adventure, lore, and love, and adds a dash of modern day exploits, mystery, and romance for good measure. Avast, matey! This book will appeal to the pirate’s heart in everyone.” (Anna Furtado)

“This is an exciting read with skillfully drawn characters, crashing waves, and gorgeous scenery. It is a must, whether you’re a lover of detective stories, pirates, or a good love story.” (RLynne)

“With the excitement of rough seas, battles, overcoming adversity, and saving one’s life, A Pirate’s Heart is an engaging page-turner. Throw in two compelling romances, and you have double the fun. Friend delivers the ancient sea lingo spot on and gives details so rich and real that her characters leave a lasting impression.” (Cheri Rosenberg)