To Err is to be Human

Photo by niu niu Are elections entirely free of errors? No. Does every single person do the correct thing when voting? No. Humans design elections,

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What about Absentee Ballots?

  Have you heard this one before? “I received two absentee ballots in the mail!” someone exclaims. “Election fraud!” “I got three,” another voter cries.

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Sign up!

Photo from Unsplash If you have any concerns about election integrity, the best way to learn more is to actually help run one. Sign up

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The Big Pivot

About Me

After twenty-five years on the farm, I’m adjusting to the adventures of city life. Part of that adjustment is figuring out what I want to write about now, since sheep are no longer part of my daily life. I’m challenging myself creatively by painting with pastels and playing the ukelele as I seek my new writing path.

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